Salads, sandwiches & baked potatoes

Salads and sandwiches

Every day in the kitchen begins with the washing of up to 40 litres of salad leaves. During the summer, many of the specialist leaves are grown locally and we can have up to ten different types of leaves. Our salads become a huge part of our menu and our dressing made with French mustard has become a trademark.

We have a wide variety of choices for our gourmet salads and sandwiches. There are over 15 different options on the menu, including:
• Hummus with red peppers
• Chargrilled aubergine with caramelised onions, feta & mint
• Roast chicken with Cornish bacon, mayonnaise and caramelised onions
• Cornish cheddar with red onion marmalade or west country cider chutney
• Mozzarella with fresh pesto and sun-blushed tomatoes
• Cornish bacon, French brie and organic wild cranberry
• Honey Pot Roast Ham with wholegrain mustard or west country cider chutney.

All our sandwiches, ciabattas and baguettes are served with a dressed salad garnish or you could choose to have the sandwich filling as an accompaniment to a full plate of dressed salad.

Gluten-free sandwiches are available for a small extra charge.

There are also options for smaller children which include Child’s hummus, ciabatta and carrot sticks or a small soup with ciabatta.

Jacket potatoes

Potatoes are baked daily and served with our tossed herby salad. Many of the fillings come straight from the sandwich menu but we also offer six different hot fillings:
v= vegetarian,
gf = gluten-free,
vg= vegan if dairy free spread is requested in place of butter.
• Chilli Con Carne (gf)
• Bolognese with parmesan (gf)
• Bulgar wheat chilli (vg)
• Vegetable curry (gf, vg)
• Mushroom with white wine and cream cheese sauce (v, gf)
• Mushroom with pancetta and cream cheese sauce (gf))