Historic centre

The Honey Pot was run as a teashop by two sisters, Elsie and Muriel Blair, for over 50 years in the last century.

“For all those years it was ahead of its time,” says current owner Kathy Hawkins. “They sold Belgian chocolates long before anyone else did and it was very genteel. They were mould breaking and created something that was unique with a special place in the history of the town.”

Although Kathy took over the Honey Pot after it had been empty for a few years, many local people have told her how they remember it with affection. Kathy herself remembers visiting the Honey Pot as a schoolgirl, when it was run by Elsie and Muriel.

“There has been a lot of effort put into that place for many years,” explains Kathy. “It is a really important legacy which I am very respectful of. ¬†¬† ¬†Somebody recently told me that Elsie used to make little macaroons and I thought ‘how weird, because I make little tiny macaroons too!’ There is definitely a good feeling about the place.”

In the period 1840-1880 the premises were used as a bottle shop and between 1880 and 1926 it had various uses including dairy and grocery shop. The picture top right dates from the 1920s when it was owned by Warren May and already displays the Lyons teashop sign. From the 1930s it was already owned by the Blair family – if you use the loo at the Honey Pot, look out for the advert dating from a Penzance guide in 1933!