Great atmosphere

Fresh flowers, natural light and warm colours make the Honey Pot a relaxing place to visit. Wooden tables and antique furniture give it a quirky style with an informal and spacious feeling.

It is set in a quiet part of Penzance which is very close to historic Chapel Street. You can see into the Honey Pot through windows on two sides – and you also get great views from inside of the passing pedestrians.

Most of all we like to enjoy food! There are cakes being cooked on the premises virtually all day and we love to share the pleasure of good food and company.

We are not a fast food cafĂ© and all food is cooked fresh when you order it. At really busy times you can leave us your mobile phone and carry on shopping in Penzance – we will call you as soon as a table becomes available.

At quieter periods it is the perfect place to have a coffee and cake whilst you use our free Wi-Fi to pick up your emails.