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If you want to take a little bit of the Honey Pot home with you, we have several products that might hit the mark.

Cornish clover honey – small £4.00, large £6.00

This is made just down the road in St Buryan. Both set and runny honey are made at Rosemary’s Farm, with bees that buzz the local hedgerows – so you can’t get a more authentic taste of West Cornwall! It is perfect for all sorts of occasions, on your toast in the morning, in your cooking, or simply as nature’s finest natural sweetener.

Westcountry Cider Chutney – £3.95

Medal-winning chutney made with apples, sultana and cider, that has been a favourite for a long time. We serve it with several items on our regular menu and it goes particularly well with ham or cheese.

Westcountry Red Onion Marmelade – £3.95

Another medal-winner, this goes particularly well with our Homity Pie and Cheese Scones. But frankly you can use it as an accompaniment to many snacks and dishes.

The Honey Pot Salad Dressing – £2.65

Salads are popular at the Honey Pot because of the colourful mixed leaves with use – and our special vinaigrette dressing. It is a combination of extra virgin olive oil and mustard that we bring across from France specially.We started selling this by popular demand, because so many asked us what the dressing was. The lightweight containers are a third of a litre and have a honeycomb design around the tops. If you are into recycling, bring the jar back with you and you can get a refill for just £1.95.

The Honey Pot Gift Vouchers – £5.00, £10.00 or £20.00

If you’ve got friends coming to Cornwall and you want to make sure they see one of the Penzance high spots, then this might be the solution. The come in denominations of £5, £10 and £20 and are valid for three months from the when they are dated. So if you have relatives from Australia coming next year, you can send them vouchers pre-date for the time of their visit. It makes the perfect Christmas or birthday present. The vouchers come in a special envelope, with a little ribbon that adds a colourful flourish.