Coffee & Cakes

We  have  a huge selection of cakes, scones and slices. Our regular favourites include two cheesecakes (suitable for vegetarians), four chocolate cakes (two gluten-free), a carrot cake, coffee walnut cake, pear and polenta cake (gluten-free) and chocolate tiffin.

We have guest cakes which change throughout the years, such as Strawberry or Peach Melba Pavlova in the Summer, Warm Apple Cake in the Autumn and a Zesty Treacle Tart in the Winter. Others guest cakes might include Tarte au Citron, Lemon Meringue Pie and Nußtorte (a Swiss fudgy walnut tart).

Plain, cheese or fruit scones  are all made with organic milk and flour and local butter. Cream teas include two huge scones, strawberry jam and a heap of clotted cream with a pot of tea of your choice.

We always serve flapjacks – both plain or raspeberry and white chocolate. and one additional ‘special’.

Pistacchio and Almond Sweemeats (from the Aegean) or Kourabiedes (Greek almond shortbreads) are two Mediterranean treats which have become favourites with our customers. There are always other fancies on offer which can include macaroons, florentines, pain au chocolat and croissants.


Our coffee comes from the best beans we can source. These are the top-of-the-range ‘Seasonal’ blend from Origin, the passionate coffee-roasters based in Helston. Please ask if you would like to know more about the current blend or check our blackboard for details.

LIke the guys at Origin, we take the coffee makers’ art very seriously. We make sure  our staff get proper training to make the best coffee, whether it is an Espresso, Cortado, Cappuccino or Latte.

The coffee is made with local organic milk and we also have decaffeinated coffee available. For those who prefer, we offer Cafetiéres with hot or cold milk or half-cream.
Origin also supply our delicious Zuma hot chocolate, which you could try with cinammon or cardamom.


We offer Clipper organic Tea by the mug or pot. If you prefer, we have a wide range of Twinings tea by the pot, plus fruit and herb teas or Rooibosch.

Soft drinks

A speciality of the Honey Pot is the Teisseire French fruit sirops which are made from  natural fruit without any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. You can have them with still or sparkling water and they come in a range of flavours. These include Citron (lemon), Citron vert (lime), Fraise (strawberry), Framboise (raspberry), Grenadine (mixed fruit), Cassis (blackcurrant), Péche (peach) or Thé Péche (peach tea).

Our organic milkshakes have a touch of local double cream. The strawberry and raspberry flavours come from the French fruit sirop and the chocolate flavour comes from Origin’s Zuma chocolate.

We also serve orange or apple juice, plus elderflower or ginger and lemon grass cordial.