Sense of connection

The Honey Pot is owned and run by Kathy Hawkins, who has cooked all her life.

“When I was a little girl I would help cook breakfast for friends who came to visit us in Cornwall,” she says. “My first job at 14 was working at a restaurant at Marazion and my first business at 20 was cooking frozen vegetarian meals for pubs in Bournemouth.”

Although Kathy has run other cafés in Penzance, the Honey Pot is the first one she has run on her own. She re-established the café in 2006 – drawn by the property’s Art Deco history.

“The wood-block shop front is specific to 1926, the period when Art Deco was thriving,” she says. “I love design, particularly the period when the modernists were challenging everything. I was walking by the empty property one day and realised the original hand-carved front is still there from the Bauhaus period. Suddenly I remember the lovely old café that used to stand here and I though ‘I could do that! It was a sudden moment of inspiration.”

A refurbishment in early 2012 brought the Honey Pot right up to date.

“I feel like we have got the place running smoothly again,” says Kathy. “It took six years to get it this far, but people are connecting with the Honey Pot in a new way. For me it is a valuable connection with the past, but with a modern feel.”